Apr 18

Publishers Clearing House!

Publishers Clearing HouseLets jump right into it! The Publishers Clearing House! If you are like me you get about 5 to 10 of these a day, and no matter how many times you fill them out you get another one saying it is your last chance to register or you will loose out on $7,000 a week.

Now you know and I know why they do that it is to get you to look at their advertisers and then buy their Products. Have you ever noticed who wins the $7,000 per week? Let’s check them out. They usually live in a beautiful house dress very nice and to say the least do not look like they are very poor.

…ever seen the Prize Patrol at a Housing project?

This is my opinion and I do not have any proof what so ever about what I am going to write. Like any contest it says no purchase required to win or enter. They have got to have people purchase the products or they would not be able to put up the money. If the Advertisers don’t make any money then Publishers clearing House dosen’t make any money. My opinion and my opinion alone it seems to me like the more you buy the better your chance of winning.

I mean you can see that the people who win have got cash to buy the products. Have you ever seen the Prize Patrol at a Housing project,and people coming out saying  OH thank you we did not know where are next meal was coming from…Have you ever seen that I know I have not. How about some very old a super seniors, Nada, nope, na.

Now Publishers Clearing House is probably very honest in the way they handle the contest. What seems odd is how can they have so many winners who live in nice houses, dress very nice,and all in all look like they do not need Food Stamps. I know there are a lot of hard working people who are not on Food Stamps, but live from paycheck too paycheck.

No Purchase Necessary to win

There are many Seniors who don’t get food stamps that are on a limited income,but make just enough money that they do not  qualify for the Food Stamps. No Purchase Necessary I hope that is what they are doing being honest with their contest. Now winning the Lottery is Just plain LUCK. Publishers Clearing House maybe luck or maybe wishful thinking after you make out the check for the car insurance you just bought from one their advertisers.

Like I said at the start of this Blog it is my Opinion I have no proof,and it is possible the Publishers Clearing House is far above board with what they do. In other words “No Purchase Necessary to win”
Opinions are like #$@#$$#@@ every one has one.

A Dreamer has a Vision. A wisher has the Lottery! OH Dag Nab It!

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